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Scars typically form when your body repairs itself from a cut, scrape, burn or sore. They are a natural part of the body’s healing process. As a result, scars are usually a different color and stand out from the rest of your skin. This is due to the damage sustained by the dermis (the thick layer of skin) and as a result the skin responds with the production of collagen cells rather than ordinary skin cells. This leads to thicker, pinker, redder or shinier skin compared to the rest of your body. Scars can also be caused by infections, surgery or skin conditions like acne.

UV exposure

At The Medical Spa we offer a variety of treatments aimed at minimizing scars.
Intense Pulsed Light therapy also known as IPL, treats superficial brown and red pigment that occur in the skin, such as sun damage or hemangioma.
Laser resurfacing removes the damaged top layer of skin and tightens the middle layer, leaving skin smoother and healthier. This usually takes only about 20 minutes. To ensure comfort, a topical numbing agent will be used. Laser resurfacing allows new, undamaged skin to grow in place of the old, damaged skin.
Soft tissue fillers can also be injected under the scar to raise it to the level of normal skin. Improvement is immediate.