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CoolSculpting®—The Ultimate Confidence-Boosting Technique

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CoolSculpting®—The Ultimate Confidence-Boosting Technique

Posted February 20, 2024 in CoolSculpting

It’s not unusual to feel insecure about certain areas of your body. One of the most frequent complaints we hear about is pesky pockets of fat that won’t disappear. 

If you struggle with unwanted fat and have tried everything from diligent dieting to excessive exercise, the fight against body fat can feel like a losing battle.

The Medical Spa is delighted to offer a remarkable solution. Elevate your inner (and outer!) confidence with CoolSculpting®.

Confidently slip on your favorite jeans when you say goodbye to stubborn fat, all thanks to CoolSculpting.


What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an innovative, non-invasive treatment for eliminating unyielding body fat from nearly any area of the body. This procedure safely and effectively freezes undesired fat cells by delivering controlled cooling to the target area. Benefits of this powerful treatment include: 

  • No required incisions 
  • Very few post-treatment side effects 
  • Noticeable visible difference
  • Increase in self-esteem 
  • Treat multiple areas 

Confidently slip on your favorite jeans when you say goodbye to stubborn fat, all thanks to CoolSculpting.

What Can I Expect During the CoolSculpting Procedure?

The targeted area is gently nestled between the two panels of the CoolSculpting device during treatment, allowing you to sit comfortably awake while the device works its magic. Depending on the area(s) treated, this procedure generally takes one to two hours. 

Once the fat cells are frozen and crystallized, they are exiled and permanently eliminated through the body’s natural process over the next few weeks. The skin and surrounding tissue will not be affected since fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than the outlying tissues.

Each CoolSculpting treatment reduces 15 to 40 percent of fat in the treated areas.


Who Is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a treatment for fat loss, not weight loss. It is ideal for treating the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Here are a few signs that it might be the option for you: 

  • You have enough fat to treat. Because this treatment freezes fat, you must have enough for it to work correctly. A good rule of thumb is to check the unwanted area and pinch an inch. 
  • You’re uninterested in liposuction. CoolSculpting is the perfect alternative if you’ve talked to your doctor and ruled out liposuction. You’ll be impressed with this treatment’s quick recovery time and appeal since it’s completely non-invasive. 
  • You’re tired of looking at stubborn fat. Even if you’re at a healthy weight, fat can be a tricky thing. You might still have pockets or deposits of fat in certain areas that won’t go away no matter how many green juices you drink or workouts you complete. 
  • You’re generally healthy. The healthier you are, the less likely you will experience side effects. Let your doctor know about any chronic conditions or health concerns before treatment. 

Depending on your aesthetic goals, The Medical Spa can customize each plan. Each CoolSculpting treatment reduces 15 to 40 percent of fat in the treated areas.

What are the Side Effects?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment and a safe and effective method for eradicating body fat. Like with any procedure, however, you may experience side effects, including: 

  • Pain or aching. Following this procedure, it’s not unusual for slight pain, stinging, or aching to occur at the treatment site due to the intense cold temperatures. 
  • Temporary irritation. Exposure to freezing temperatures may cause temporary skin irritation, discoloration, swelling, bruising, and skin sensitivity. These resolve on their own within weeks. 
  • Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. This is a rare side effect where the fat cells in the treatment grow larger rather than smaller. 

Results may vary from person to person, so talk to your doctor today to see if this treatment is for you.


Get Your Confidence Back with CoolSculpting at The Medical Spa 

The Medical Spa believes everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. CoolSculpting is a terrific and safe way to achieve a new and improved outlook on your appearance. 

If you’re ready for a life-altering change, contact us today.


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